Yes I am still here, and I am still pushing hard.

One thing that I was noticing the other day is that I might be hitting a tiny plateau. Not a big one, but just a tiny hiccup. I think part of the problem is that I was letting up on the Elliptical work at the gym, as well as having to take an unplanned day off due to back pain. That is why today I decided that I have to push even harder. I made sure I was on the elliptical before and after my workout, and I walked even farther than I normally do during the day. I have also decided that as soon as this heat wave settles down a bit (or at least its not 100 degrees like tomorrow) that I will walk to work. The walk is at most 1 mile since I can take some shortcuts. This forces me to bring my lunch to work instead of driving for it, which then also gives me more time to walk during my lunch as well. I will also for sure walk to work when my location moves, as I have done it before.

I want so much to lose more weight, and I am willing to push myself to do it. The loss I have seen so far is inspiring me to keep working. I won’t give up.

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